Why work with us?
  • We render working out, implementation of management systems and also personnel training services.
  • Customized approach to each client. Each client has a personal consultant (a qualified specialist), who will give you an advice on every step of delivery of services.
  • Generally consultation is given in native language (Georgian). This contributes to a better understanding between the consultant and employees of the organization. Our consultants are fluent in foreign languages, so when necessary consultations can be given in a language chosen by the client.
  • A working knowledge of national legislation enables the consultants to provide requirements of the legislation in the normative documents of the management system which they are working out.
  • The optimal cost of the services. You pay only for our service, not for travel expenses or consultant’s stay abroad.
  • Our partners are internationally acclaimed certification bodies. They can be recommended to you at the end of consulting.
  • We guarantee high quality of rendered services.
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